Sr. Data Analyst/Scientist - Consultant

Qualification: Masters Degree is a must (computer science, statistics, maths).

-Preferred candidate would have at least a Master’s degree (Math, Computer Science, Engineering, or Sciences) with 6-10 years of experience in financial industry
-Responsibilities specific to LOB, department, team or subset of product or significant process
-Manages multiple resources, responsible for important results within a function or unit, with cross-functional, direct or indirect people management authority
-Influences decisions that impact the organization’s P & L
-Strong written and oral presentation / communication skills – the ability to convey complex information simply and clearly to senior business leaders
-Strong project management skills – the ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize work requirements to work in multi-disciplinary team setting
-SAS Expert with high level of proficiency in all of Base, Stat, Macro and Access
-Experience with Unix and programming languages preferred